Advanced Flooring Removal

Advanced Flooring Removal

We are capable of handling any size project in Florida. Our machine can tear out 1,000 - 10,000 sq.ft. per day depending on the job.

Advanced Flooring Removal was founded in 2017, ‘quickly grew and has a solid reputation. More skilled and doing more than the average flooring removal company, we set the expectations to the highest standard in the industry. Advanced flooring Removal is the most Professional and Dependable contractor working in the floor Removal field.

This Professionalism stems from 18 years’ experience in flooring installation, management, coaching teams of employees coupled with knowledge & experience achieved from working alongside the most reputable flooring store in Jacksonville, Florida.
Our Service: We understand that everyone’s time is very important, it’s our first priority that the job is done right, done on time and that we always deliver what is promised. We pride off challenging situations and our team is very passionate and driven to accomplish any job and exceed every customer expectation.

Homeowners and Contractors:  We work with homeowners and contractors alike. We’ve found that the number one reason a homeowner does not retile his own floor is that he does not have the time to remove the old floor or the skills to do it correctly and safely. Advanced Floor Removal is an excellent solution for homeowners who want to install a floor themselves to save money.


Advanced Flooring Removal is a professional flooring removal company dedicated to providing efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solutions for homeowners, contractors, and businesses. Our team of experts, led by owner David Milea, has years of experience in the flooring industry and a passion for innovation and excellence.

Our mission is to revolutionize the flooring removal process by:

– Utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment
– Implementing sustainable and environmentally responsible practices
– Providing exceptional customer service and support
– Delivering top-notch results with minimal disruption and mess

Our services include:

– Flooring removal (hardwood, tile, carpet, etc.)
– Floor preparation and demolition
– Debris removal and disposal
– Floor installation

At Advanced Flooring Removal, we pride ourselves on our:

– Attention to detail and commitment to quality
– Competitive pricing and flexible scheduling
– Fully licensed and insured status
– Excellent customer reviews and referrals




David Milea

Flooring Expert & Business Professional

David J. Milea is a seasoned flooring expert and business professional with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results and customer satisfaction. With over 20 years of experience in the flooring industry, David has developed a comprehensive understanding of flooring products, installation techniques, and project management.

David’s career in flooring began as an installer, where he honed his skills and developed a passion for delivering high-quality workmanship. He quickly progressed to leadership roles, taking on responsibilities such as project management, sales, and customer service.

Throughout his career, David has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. His expertise includes:

– Flooring installation and removal
– Project management and coordination
– Product knowledge and selection
– Customer service and relations
– Sales and marketing

David’s achievements include:

– Building a loyal customer base through exceptional service and quality workmanship
– Successfully managing large-scale flooring projects from conception to completion
– – Collaborating with designers, architects, and contractors to deliver tailored flooring solutions

David’s dedication to the flooring industry is evident in his ongoing pursuit of knowledge and best practices. He is a respected voice in the industry and a trusted advisor to clients and partners alike.

Whether leading a team or working directly with clients, David’s expertise, professionalism, and passion for flooring have made him a go-to expert in the industry.






Contractors prefer us because we have the professional experience and equipment to remove tile or wood  floors much faster, at or about the same cost as it would take their own crews to do it.

We take action! We explain the process in detail, inform throughout the process and do what we say we are going to do.

Knowing how to install floor coverings professionally and to last a life time one must prepare the floor properly as the flooring you have installed is only as good as the slab/subfloor.

With 18 years experience in flooring installation we can guide you in the right direction. When the existing floor is removed and complete the slab will be ready for preparation of new material.

*We also offer floor slab prepping services – if the slab is not flat we can fill and level so it will be acceptable for the flooring manufacturer guidelines.

What Makes Advanced Flooring Removal Unique?

Our floor removal machine is battery operated, chemical free and operated by the best trained technicians in the business.

We can tear up your floors up to 5 times faster than with the labor typically required in manually tearing up floors.

We have the capacity to remove thousands of sq. ft. of VCT, Wood & Ceramic tile floors per day!

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Flooring Removal was founded in 2017, ‘We are quickly growing and have a solid reputation. More skilled and doing more than the average flooring removal company, we set the expectations to the highest standard in the industry. Advanced flooring Removal is the most Professional and Dependable contractor working in the Floor Removal Business.