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Commercial & Residential Flooring Removal Services in Florida

When it is time to upgrade your floors at your office or commercial property, Advanced Flooring Removal experts offers services that you need to upgrade your business in a quick, efficient, cost-effective method. Our flooring removal Process has become the industry standard as a virtually dust-free tile removal procedure that replaces the outdated, messy, and time-consuming hammer-and-chisel method of tile removal.

By catching the dust created in the removal process before it becomes airborne, our System stops the flow of unwanted particulates and contaminants throughout your home or office via your duct system. Instead, these particles are trapped by our Advancded Designed equipment as the old tiles are removed. This creates a healthier indoor air quality (IAQ) at your home or office that is enhanced by our industrial-grade HEPA filtration system. When it is time to upgrade your tiles without kicking up a cloud of dust in the process, contact Advanced Flooring Removal -Today

Commercial Properties We Service in Jacksonville Florida & Surroundings areas

Advancded Flooring Removal Wants to provide the communities of the area with the best Floor removal services and experience. Our services are available to both homeowners and business owners, and we have a list of satisfied residential & commercial customers, We have successfully worked with a large number of different industries through more than 18 years in the flooring industry

Professional Floor Removal Service for Commercial Properties in Florida

7 different types of industrial buildings:

Professional Floor Removal Service for Commercial Properties in Florida

Commerical Buildings We Have Serviced

Whether you are replacing the tiles in an office, a retail store, a school, a restaurant, or somewhere else, it will be a time-consuming task. But you can shorten the turnaround time for the job by scheduling a cost-effective Removal Process with US!

Commercial Flooring Removal

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During the tile demolition process, there is a mass production of silica dust. The dust is captured with our specialty equipment and leaves your space cleaner than it was. our Vaccumes suck up all the dust particles the moment they are created, eliminating up to 89 percent of silica dust. Our Ride on floor removal machine is battery operated, chemical free and operated by the best trained technicians in the business.

We can tear up Commercial floors up to 5 times faster than with the labor typically required in manually tearing up floors.

We have the capacity to remove thousands of sq. ft. of VCT, Wood & Ceramic tile floors per day!

Advanced Flooring Removal provides advanced floor covering removal in Florida using Nationals best flooring stripper. The National 5700 is the fastest, cleanest, most powerful and maneuverable floor stripper ever! There is no faster method to remove flooring currently available.

We Can Save You Time And Money

Floor removal was limited to slow tedious hand-held scrapers until the National floor removal machine was introduced. Many flooring professionals still use hand removal methods for the removal of flooring materials. This process is slow, loud, and very labor intensive. We can save you hours or even days by using our 5700 ride on Machine. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


Outdated Processes and Tools

It is no secret that traditional tile removal methods will leave your home filled with dust. This method does not focus on capturing the dust or even cleaning it sufficiently as to not leave you completely exposed. A traditional tile removal will let dust flow throughout your home and will land in those hard to reach places you never thought possible. Ultimately, this costs you more money because of the many cleaning sessions you will need.